Wednesday, May 4, 2011 by Tera Lynn Childs

If Phoebe Castro can keep her grades up and have another stellar cross-country season, her dream of attending USC with her best friends is only a track scholarship away. She’s made all her plans, so it’s a complete shock when her mom announces she’s marrying a mysterious stranger and moving them half-way around the world—to Greece.

Phoebe’s stuck on a secret island in the Aegean attending the super-exclusive Academy, where her new stepfather is the headmaster and the kids are anything but your average students—they are descendants of the Greek gods, super powers included. That’s right, Greek gods are no myth! If Phoebe thought high school was hard, she knows this is going to be mortal misery.

Securing that scholarship seems like Phoebe’s only ticket out of Greece, but training and maintaining her grades will be grueling, even without a sabotaging stepsister from Hades and a gorgeous guy—what a god!—who just might be her Achilles heel. One thing is for sure—summoning the will to win and find her place among the gods could be Phoebe’s toughest course yet.

This book is said to be for grades 7 and up and is the first in a series.

Rachel's Thoughts: I enjoyed this book and thought it to be very entertaining. It was fairly lighthearted  aside from the fact that her father is deceased and throughout the book she deals emotionally with his passing. The story was well done in a way that made me want to throw my jogging shoes on and hit the running trails. I found myself getting angry at those who mistreated her and being glad when she finally found friends at her new school. All in all, I thought it was a positive story and well written. I gave this book 4 stars. 

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